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Conducting a background search into the products and services you buy has a very big impact on the experience you get. Pre purchase research helps you to understand product suppliers and well as service providers better. Research has shown that consumers who spend some time perfecting their background research skills always end up on the right side of the purchase table. They also make fewer judgment mistakes compared to those who don’t.

In the past, consumers were comfortable buying products recommended to them by the consumer report. Although the paper was crucial in developing the pre purchase research culture, it has been over taken by technology although it still is a strong force to reckon with.

E-commerce consumers depend on the Internet for information that powers the decisions they make. They also love the openness most e-commerce companies have – a lot of the publish customer reviews for the public to see.

There are a few industries online that don’t perform a great job educating or shaping the minds of their consumers. Essay writing companies are some of them.

Students against essay writing companies

For students to buy good essays, they need proper information guiding each of the steps they take. Unfortunately, they cannot find insights about essay writing companies, real customer reviews and unedited experiences on any single website. Essay writing companies on the most part close their systems to the public to preserve their privacy principles.

Why students need to read reviews

holidayprofessor.com provides reviews to students in need of essay writing services. We study what different companies are offering to come up with recommendations that can help subsequent buyers. With the high number of companies out there, a student finding good companies is not an easy task. The companies are not only far and spread, but many of them have a reputation of scamming students. But with reviews, more than 80% of the effort needed by the student before they can land a good essay writing company is gone.

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How it works

Students have been in need of essay writing companies for a long time. To help them choose, we find those who have used various essay writing companies in the past. Their feedback is used to rate companies that are great. They not only serve as recommendations, but also provide eye opening comments consumers/students can read before hiring any single one of them.

This website also has expert investigations to help write comprehensive, insightful reviews about each essay writing company forwarded to us by students.